Who am I?

The question is Baffling.  A lot of people might say Ranjan is an web programmer. Some might say Ranjan is a system administrator or some might say he is a application developer and so on...

Regardless, all of them are true but what I say myself is, it doesn't matter who I am, at the end of the day

I am computer scientist.

What I mean by Computer Scientist??

  • A person who knows the science behind the computer software and hardware.

My Story

Born and raised in Nepal, my story goes back to growing up as an middle class family. Moved to United States when I was 18 years old.

Joined College of the Desert and got my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts Math and Science. Joined California State University, San Bernardino after graduation and completed Bachelors Degree in Computer Science interning as a free lancer for web-development for RnRPC Repair and also working as a full-time employment as Student Assistant at College of the Desert.

Completing my Master Degree in Computer Science with concurrent enrollment with working as a mapper/programmer for The PLDGroup Inc.


Ranjan Khadka

Application Developer | System Administrator | Web Developer


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