Web Designer



Eagletekvisions is a collaborative project with SEO expertise and google certified entrepreneur Richard Otis. This project is ongoing and provide an user friendly fully custom and responsive which is suitable for all modern devices. On this website clients know about websites, online marketing and SEO in terms of cost and functionality.

Web Development & Design

Siva House of BEAUTY


This website was built for a small upcoming business located in Cathedral City. It integrates a responsive web design. This website is a way to give information to public about traditional Indian way of doing eye-brow threading as well as Henna decoration. It brings a user friendly platform and easy access to connect to social media for Siva House of Beauty.

WordPress Web Development



This website was built for a small tutoring company EZMathmagic to be able to get information about the company,  pricing and to be able to make an appointment for a tutoring session. SEO company in palm desert has invested their time and effort to help this company to highly search optimized website.